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It's because God gave us a will. For humans, they have a will to follow God and also they have a will to deny him as their savior. Some people are doubters, they ask themselves if God is true, why he didn't show up when I have a problem and such. In that way, they lost their faith and switch to a religion that they think can save them. It's unfortunate that some people will just create a religion to control and manipulate people for their own doings. Because they are using the name of God, however, it's the karma that will get them revenge.
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I agree with that part you said some people use religion to manipulate other people who are dorks, goobers,knuckleheads.. But the fact that we all have a free will is something I don't believe .I believe their is a power that controls all our actions... Everything has been predestinated and you have no choice but to follow that script
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I think it is the fault of the devil. The enemy deceive the minds of people from the truth. There is one correct religion but many people choose the wrong path.
Most religions are just invented by people. Some of them are not inspired by the Holy Spirit. There are man made religions. People are ignorant and just believe easily whatever doctrine is introduce to them.

Religions are like roads that people choose to follow but some of them are false religion which do not really lead them to the right path. False religions are biggest recruiters to hell. Catholic religion is so popular but they are Mary worshippers.

There are many religions to trick people. That is why there are Christian missionaries to help people know about Christ.
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We blame the devil for everything. We blame one mythical being for our mistakes,our problems,our faults...its amazes me..
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This is a total failure to GOD, we were created to only have one religion of the LORD GOD HIMSELF. But the devil wanted to have his share also and brought confusion to the world. Not only did he brought one religion but he brought so many of them that has left the whole world confused not knowing which one is the correct one. But this confusion should not be, the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY already gave us a benchmark to know the true religion.

HE even sent the first apostles to show us the right way, the apostle Paul warned the churches to be alert because so many antichrists have gone out to the world to confuse the church of Christ. The benchmark of all this is that we need to look for a religion that is centralizing the word of GOD, a bible teaching religion, a religion that is telling people to leave sin and go back to Hollines for without Holliness no one will enter into the kingdom of GOD Hebrews 12:14
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You are talking from the Christian point of view.Do you know we have many religion in this world and all of them believe theirs is the real one.How are you sure Christianity is the true religion?I guess this are bewildering questions that will leave us gasping in the darkness of our ignorance

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