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First: Your friend is an idiot and doesn't know anything about health or working out. Don't listen to your friend.

Second: To maintain body shape (and weight loss), working out is a necessity. 

Third: To stop working out, you lose that body shape and you will gain weight.

I recommend that you continue to work out and don't listen to the idiotic stupidity of your friend.
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Hi Nidhi,

I know it's very hard to maintain your fitness after stop gymming. But I can suggest you that you should maintain your proper diet.

Here , I have an application for you which will help you to maintain your fitness. "MyFitness Statistics:Weight Loss & BMI Calculator" is an application that monitor your daily fitness & health statistics.

The application will provide different reports like BMI, BMR, Body Type, Ponderal Index and many more. Moreover, the application will guide you how to maintain health according to your reports. So, now you can easily track your daily fitness and can maintain it.

Hope, this works out for you! :)

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There are ways you can ensure that your body stays fit even without going to the gym. Simple ways such as taking the stairs instead of elevators. Taking morning runs or evening walks. Eating healthy and eating the right amount can also help make sure you stay fit. Sports is another activity you can try. Good luck!
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If you want to stop going to the gym it will be necessary to continue exercising at home and keeping active. You will need to maintain a healthy diet and not eat a ton of junk foods or food that contain processed sugars. Make sure you talk a walk on a regular basis and you can buy some hand weights and a floor mat for your home. This way you can continue to exercise and maintain your body's shape and not lose your muscle tone. 

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