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Is coffee really a fat burning drink? If so how much coffee should I take in a day?

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No, no coffee burns fat...your exercising routine can do that. There is no magical good or drink that burns fat, it is a mix of what you eat, do and drink. 

Also make sure you always have your body checked up to see if your hormones and such are well regulares. Keep in mind that there are no miraculous foods to lose weight or burn fat :)

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Coffee per day doesn't actually help you burn fat. Coffee is full of caffeine which helps to give you energy. In some cases, people drink coffee to stay away. Most people can't start the day off without a heavy dose of caffeine to get them started.

If you want to exercise and are feeling tired or sluggish, you could try to drink a cup of coffee before you exercise. However, this normally isn't wise and could damage your heart if you get too much caffeine in your system and then try and exercise.

You can stick to energy drinks specially designed for people who work out and do a lot of exercising. This is much better for your health than coffee is. 
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Am not sure if there's any effect if the coffee has sugar or not.All I know is that black coffee has got diverse uses to human body.

In short, coffee contains caffeine which can boost the metabolic rate and increasing fat burning.

The effects are only for a short term because with time people become tolerant. Even if it doesn't make you lose much fat, there's still a possibility that it blunts appetite and helps you to eat.
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• I have never heard that coffee works for weight loss,most of them should avoid due to excess of caffeine in it.Green tea is the best and used for weight loss.

• For weight loss you need to concentrate on taking fibre content foods and drink lots of water.

•Do Excercise while taking balanced's best for you.
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Coffee without sugar does not help you lose weight. You need to analyse the content of coffee to know that. Coffee is full of caffeine and the significant relation It has to losing weight is that it helps to increase the rate of metabolism. 

This doesn't means that what you eat diminishes or doesn't add to your body. It only helps to break it down faster than usual. You still get the effect of whatever you eat and drink so choose wisely. 
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Yes! Coffee does help burn fats. What it does is it increases the rates of metabolism thus enabling the food one eats to be quickly broken down for energy production.

Nothing more or less can't be taken care of by coffee when comes to burning of fats. I will recommend you try out other viable alternatives too if really you want to burn fats. Endeavour to engage yourself in outdoor activities regularly, like jogging, brisk walking, going on a long  distanc trekking, advisable with your pet if you have any: it will motivate you to do this.

Another regime that will help you to burn fat is getting yourself a hot mug cup of ginger and garlic tea laced with lemon after emptying your bowel in the morning. Get raw ginger and garlic, peel their back off them and cut them to smaller bits and pour them into kettle. Pour mugful of water into the kettle and add little more water to it. Allow it to boil for up 3-5 minutes and pour it back into the mug cup. Squeeze half lemon into the boiled water and sip before it's lukewarm. Do this routinely along side your work out exercise, you will be shocked how effective this would be in helping you to burn fats.
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I will say to a large extent it does help us burn fat though not directly like exercising does but it still does.

Research shows that coffee has caffeine in which helps promote metabolism and this in turns leads to fat burning.Caffeine helps to suppress one's appetite and make one eat less.

Looking at this critically what makes people put on weight, it really the food we eat,the expected limit of caloric consumption per day should be between 1200 and 1800 but most times at a sitting one can eat 4000 calories especially if one is taking junks but taking coffee that suppress taking more calories through food consumption and the body will have no other option using the already stored fat in the body so in a way it still aids fat burning.
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I think the answer is yes!.if you are always use to taking of coffee or you can't get your self in the morning until you take a cup of coffee. Then you stand a chance to loose weight. It actually sound good too to get to know that majority of beverages hhelps to loose weight too.
According to nutritionist Sarah Flower;drinking a cup of of of coffee in the morning helps to " boost both concentration and energy levels" but also aid to loose weight.

According to Flower, coffee can help you slim down because it is capable of boosting your metabolism. She said;"your daily cup of coffee can help boost your metabolic rate, by stimulating thermogenesis, helping you in turn to turn more fat".

In addition to giving your metabolism aa kick, the beverage also contains the helpful weight loss aid chlorogenic acid. Which us capable if slowing down the absorption of carbohydrate and breaking down fats.
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Sorry to disappoint you, but sugarless coffee does not burn fat. I am one of those people who love taking tea, it is one of my favorable beverages. I remember sometime back i was really trying to cut weight so that i can be a little trim, i stopped eating junk food especially french fries, and cut down on cakes because am a lover of those too. I tried that for a while but the weight wasn't shading off for some reason. I tried taking lemon water on top of that but it still wasn't helping me much. So i decided to talk to a friend of mine who owns a gym and is also a unionist, he told me quite a number of things that really didn't make much sense to me then but it does now. Caffeine adds weight it does not shade it off sadly. I was told to cut down on tea because i don't take coffee to having only two cups in a day and see how it goes. of course there was exercise involved and i can tell you that the fat started shedding off slowly by slowly. so just take your coffee as usual without cream, in cooperate that with exercise and you will be fine.
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