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I want to become much more taller than what I am now. Is there any way to incresei my height. I am 24 years old. I love one girl. But she is an inch taller than me. How can I gain height? I really need to become taller. Waiting for your quick help.
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The good news is at this age you can still attain maximum height. All you have to do to see quick result before you attain the age you won't be able to tall again, is to eat much proteinous foods like beans, fish, eggs etc. Another thing i will recommend you do is to exercise regularly as this will help your muscles to be strong. And if possible do stretch exercises.

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Well, the only way you can actually gain height now is by placing lifts in your shoes. Afer a certain age, our bodies just stop growing. There is no magical cure or remedy for you to grow a few inches overnight. Too bad there isn't because I've always wanted to be taller than I am right now. You are lucky to be a man because you have a longer time to grow than women do. Most women stop growing by the age of 16, where men can continue to grow until they are around 20.

So basically if you are only looking at an inch to grow, I'd suggest that you look into some lifts to put in your shoes to give you that extra bit of height you're looking for. Good luck on this one. I really don't see that height should make such a big difference in a relationship if you both care about each other. 
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Well, if she is the right person for you height should not stop you.

There is no way for you to grow up more...perhaps 1 cm, but not even close to an inch...our bodies usualy stop growing when we reach 21...sometimes we stop growing up by the time ladies have their First periods..sometimes when they are 13-16 years of age.

So, do not let such a small detail such as height put you down when looking for should not matter anyways ;)

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I really don't think there's a way in which tiu can use to boost your height especially past 20 years.Its all about the growth hormones,they've reached the climax of your height and you can't grow any taller.

And by the way,I really  don't think height should a factor to be considered when it comes to relationship besides you've said she's an inch taller than you.I bet that's no much big difference. Its the heart that speaks not the height and it should be the least factor to be considered.
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Growing in terms of height is the act of God and a man doesn't have ability to determine his height. Am aware of some fake websites that will lie to you ohh take water Mellon thrice a day and so on, but I am here to tell you the truth. You can't determine your height. If a man could determine his height then we couldn't be having dwarfs in the world they'd just eat the so called diet to increase height and they won't be dwarfs any more. But the fact is that just accept yourself the way you are.
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Thanks Jitu for your answer yes it's true no one can determine his/her own height.
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At birth human body have 270 bones, these bones continue to get fused together,and when all the bones finally form the real skeleton, then this is adulthood; there are 206 bones in adult human body ie the maximum skeleton; there is no possibility of raising the skeleton any more.

So the final and universal answer to the question is - There is no hope expect a miracle to raise the height of adult human body.
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it is really hard to increse height specially when you reach the age of 21 but there are some scientific explanations that can help you out to increase your height atleast 1 to 2 inches than your actual height. they called it "human growth hormones" you need to get enough because human growth hormones are produced in higher levels when we are sleeping. if you take a rest, having a proper diet, exercise there is a possibilities to grow taller.
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