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Achilles is a Fictional Character in the Iliad novel written by Homer. He is the Trojan War Hero and is known to be a demi-god. He's also the strongest hero of Troy who killed Hector, the Greek her. Achillesis later on killed by Paris who shot him in the heel with an arrow. 

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Achilles is a famous, fictional hero from Greek mythology. He is a hero of the Trojan War and a central protagonist of Homer's Iliad. He was rumored to be a nearly invincible demigod, who was dipped into the River Styx by his mother, an immortal named Nereid Thetis. Where the water touched him, his skin became invulnerable. However, Nereid Thetis made the fatal mistake of keeping her hand around his heel during the event, making it his weakness. Achilles is most famous for slaying Trojan hero Hector outside of Troy. He is believed to have died afterward - killed by Paris, Hector's brother. He died when a poisoned arrow struck him in the heel, the only place that was vulnerable. This gave way to the popular phrase, "Achilles heel", to symbolize weakness. 

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I really appreciate your reply but I saw somewhere on the internet that Achilles actually existed. I don't think he was a mythical being...I may be wrong though
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No, Achilles didn't actually exist. He's a part of Greek mythology - not necessarily a being, just a central character in a story. It's possible that there were people named Achilles in history, but the original (as told in Greek myths) doesn't exist. 

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