What country is the best place to celebrate New Year? - Answeree
Please share what beautiful countries you think is the best to celebrate?
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I can suggest Japan is a good place to celebrate New Year,aside from beautiful fireworks display, it's a good place to explore foods and views.

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All countries boast their own ways of celebrating New Year's Eve. Some are known for their all out parties, others for their fireworks. It's hard to tell which country is the best place to celebrate New Year but I do know one thing that if you're with the people who matter the most to you during this important holiday then isn't that considered as the best place for celebration?
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The best Country to celebrate the New Year is the Australia.You will get the New Year,before the other Countries.You will be shown on the Television as well.
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All countries celebrate their new year differently and specially. The most important thing is spending it with family,and being happy with whoever you wish to celebrate the day with.
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