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Describe it in a few words and tell us why you love it? 
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My favorite novel in English Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. This book is about love, trust, family relationships. Written with humor. I really like the character of the father of the family.
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My favourite novel in English is Oliver Twist written by Charles Dickens. While reading it,  you will feel sympathy for Oliver. This book shows the time of early seventeenth century. 

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My favorite novel in English is Perfect by Danielle Steel. She is my best novelist who has written a lot of English novels. Her prowess in Novel writing inspires me a lot.
In her novel Perfect, she writes about a very romantic encounter between a man who acts like a villain but in real sense is a good man and a beautiful and innocent woman who is a teacher at a junior school. The man was in trouble after being arrested for allegedly committing murder. He is a celebrity actor who was always known to be a womaniser. He was promoted to be a director and while he was directing a movie, an actor got shot because the gun that was supposed to be fake had real bullets. Due to this, the director was arrested.
He escaped from prison, not because he is a bad man but because he wanted to find justice for the murder of one of his favorite actors. It was on the day he escaped prison that he met with the woman and because he needed a car to drive him far away, he had to steal her car and kidnap her. They later fell in love while he held her captive and she helped her look for justice and he was declared innocent.
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My favorite classic novel is the Hunchback of Notre Dame. The original version is very boring at times, when the Victorian building descriptions get out of hand, but 5th grade me fell in love with the plot. I read the abridged version, without the 3 page long rants about gargoyles.

I was a very naive child and I had never read a book without a happy ending before. (SPOILER: THIS BOOK DOES NOT END HAPPY). I felt betrayed by the author, Victor Hugo, and after finishing the novel, fell into a state of rage. This subsequently ended with depression, before nihilism set in, and my emotional spectrum ranged from "stale bread" to "cynical doomsday theorist". However, the book taught me that sometimes, happy endings don't happen. Life doesn't work that way. Whether or not you're "okay" is up to you. That realization was a very important part of my character development, and I have this book to thank for that.
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One of my favorite classic novel is Moby **** by Herman Melville. This is one of my favorites for several reasons. It uses the white whale as a symbol of lofty hopes, dreams, and goals that constantly elude the individual. Ahab makes many attempts to capture the whale but fails many times. In addition, there are writings on the brow of the whale that fail to reveal "profounder and more subtle meanings." Therefore, it can be said that the novel is suggesting that it's difficult to "read" the times, seasons, or the proper context for accomplishing one's goals if there is no proper planning or preparation for them so that they can be attainable. As a result, I love the novel because it encourages me to accomplishing goals that are attainable or within one's reach, and setting them in such a way that are attainable in the first instance.
There is also another section of the novel where Ahab associates the white whale with all the "general rage and hate felt by his whole race from Adam down." Therefore, the white whale also represents negativity, which can be a hindrance to one attempt achieve a goal or dream. I interpreted that section of the novel as suggesting that negativity can prevent someone accomplishing one's goals pr dreams. It's a difficult read but worth the trouble.

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