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What are benefits of B12 With Folic Acid?

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Folic acid and vitamin B12 have some important functions but the latest use of both according to recent research result published in the American Journal Of Clinical Nutrition will be outlined in this write up.

According to medical report,brain function decline with age.such decline in function are always a warning  sign of dimentia.Dimentia is a term used to describe various brain disorders that a progressive loss of brain functioning in common.Their are many types of dimentia but the common one is Alzheimer's disease.

Long term deficiencies in vitamin B12,folate and niacine are known to have similar effects in brain degeneration which leads to a suspicion that such vitamins play a role in the development on dimentia.

In essence,what I'm trying to say is a daily oral dose of vitamin 12 and folic acid can" promote improvement in cognitive functioning after 24 months,particularly in delayed and immediate medical performance"This was according to the research led by Janine Walker from the Australian National University.

In summary,folic acid and vitamin b12 reduces cognitive decline in older people with high level of psychological stress.

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