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When I was walking in town today I went into a shop in town and a man said "bloody hell" at me. What does that mean? I get weird remarks all the time in town, sometimes they're good and sometimes theyre bad and its awful for my anxiety; it gets my overly paranoid. I get told I'm pretty by my male friends but when I'm outside it's a mixed bag. I seem to attract a lot of attention for some reason, be it what a guy is saying is rude or a compliment. Sometimes peoplepwalk in the strert and they dont get any remarks whatsoever, idk what makes me stick outoso much that men specifically feel the need to imply im ugly or pretty. Do men do that and what did it mean when that guy randomly said bloody hell at me? I dress pretty normal. I'm not exactly the ugliest person on the face of this planet, I don't have a clue. Could I have a males view on this? 

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The best thing to do is to ignore anything that you hear. Sometimes, it's probably something else that they're exclaiming about so we can't be certain that it's intended for you. Just ignore anything you hear and don't think too much about it. You should worry when men follow or even go as far as getting physical.
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I'm not sure I understand your question though.People make fun of other people all the time.It happens to the best of us.

Firstly,you need to be comfortable in your own skin. Be proud of yourself. Low self esteem should be a foreign thing to you.Wear clothes that fits you.Don't be a slob.Cleanliness should be in your dictionary.

Secondly,you need to ignore those that are making rude remarks.Some people just get their kicks from hurting other people with abusive words.Be sure not to be the butt of everyone "s joke.Make their comments invisible and walk with your nose in the air.I'm not saying you should be cocky and brash.I'm just saying you should be confident.

Confidence comes with good dressing,cleanliness and good oral hygiene.

What you are experiencing usually happen in white countries .Their you experience racism as  a black person.Don't bother yourself with petty matters. You are beautifully designed.Never allow anybody to talk you down.y
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It's called "catcalling". Most of the time, catcalling victims are women and men mostly do that because it's tolerated in your society. However, you can do something about it. Report it on the police station, if ever there is a law already in your country that protects catcalling victims because in my country there is already. If there's none, try to talk to the person who catcalled you and ask what is his problem. I know this is kind of take a risk option but try to be brave. In that way, you can also protect other women by not tolerating that kind of personality.

In addition, I know you're doubting yourself if you're beautiful. You're beautiful, other people's opinions about you are not your problem anymore. Embrace yourself and in that way, people can no longer hurt you with their opinions about your body.
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Sometimes we say being complemented is a good thing. Am just trying to understand you, you said someone said to you bloody hell, if you did not do anything to them, why would they something so nasty. The first thing that came to mind, is maybe you were wearing something that's not appropriate, or something that looked ridiculous. That comment would only come up when something is not right. You probably need to check yourself, when you go out, what are wearing, how do you look, are you giving out signals that will make people look and wonder? Because it makes no sense for someone to come up with bad comments when you are perfectly well. There must be something peculiar about you, that either makes your fellow men disgusted or something it wouldn't be for nothing.
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No need to get anxiety over it some men dont know how to approach women, they sometimes thing the best thing to do is say something thatll catch a girls attention (which rarely ever works) best thing for you to do is ignore it.

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