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In a country like mine,taking laws into your hand can be beneficial because the police are not effective and can't be trusted.

A criminal who ought to serve some jail term and make some new friends in prison may be released if he knows the right people. The honest truth is that corruption has eaten deep into the fabric of the police force and they can't be trusted with criminals.That's why people kill criminals (thieves,rapists ) and so on without taking them to the police.

They also lean towards the believe that the kind of punishment meted out to this criminals does not sometimes commensurate with their offense.

I don't believe in jungle justice. It is an archaic practice and in a sane country where everything works,criminals are supposed to be handed over to the police,charged to court and be locked behind bars but unfortunately, nothing works in my country. That's the main reason people initiate jungle justice. At least,they have one less criminal to worry about
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It is definitely not legally justified however, it is a moral justification. Usually those who take the law  by their hands are rational people who came to realize that the law will never serve their justice.
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I don't think there are any advantages to people taking the law into their hands, because law is meant to be followed, and when we don't follow the law, then there is no use in having it there. Laws are meant to be followed not broken. Usually when we take the law into our hands, the one thing that will happen is we will be held accountable, this means we will either go to jail or face charges in court for violating the law. Why would someone get themselves in trouble only to end up in jail, serving a term on something they would have avoided by just doing the simplest thing as following a law. Another thing i have noticed is that wgen we do this, many times we don't see trouble coming our way, you could end up fighting someone who is much bigger than you, and you get hurt in the process. It's only rational and prudent to always do what is right. 

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