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I need a new washing machine as my old machine got spoiled. I was using a top loading washer. Now I am planning to buy a front loading one. Which one is better?
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At home we are using top loading machine because it is more easier and safe of course not to played by kids. Either two is good but it all depends on your needs if yoike bending your knees and back then go ahead with front.

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I highly advsie you get a top loading machine. They are way easier on your back.

I tell from experience, as the front loading ones kill my back! Plus it seems like the front loading ones break more and cost more to be fixed.

I advise you get machines from GE, Samsung. I prefer GE, as I never had issues with top loading ones from the brand.

Samsung's front loading machines are a little annoying, but last for a while as well.

Anyways, if you have bending and love your back pick a top loading machine.

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