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Answeree is a good platform to earn side money if you are not doing anything at home. You can answer some questions that is related to your field. Here's how to earn here:

1. You need to answer some questions without grammatical errors, with respect, and be precise.

2. After answering some questions, you need to acquire 250 points. You can see it on your profile.

3. Contact the Answeree and ask a request to join the Answeree Reward Program.

4. They will check all of your answers if they meet the Answeree guidelines.

5. They will send you an e-mail regarding your request.
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Making money online is not as easy as they make it look.The truth of the matter is the money you make online is just pittance, something good enough to buy a cup of coffee. is not different from this other sites..though legit,some of this sites are not legit.They just need traffic while some want your personal information for their own devious purposes.

Before you can earn on you must have gathered 3000 points.For each answer you give,you earn 10 points.The downside to that is you must have typed more that 600 characters before your answer can be accepted.

If you can answer seven questions in a day (which is the maximum you can answer), then you can earn 70 points in a day but sorry to burst your bubble, you may not be able to answer that much in a day because users don't post questions that much.. And their are some questions that are out of one"s field. The best thing is to make those type questions invisible.

You can also reply to comments or questions.For every reply,you earn 2 points and if you ask questions, you earn too..

Once you are able to gather 3000 points, then you are eligible for payment which is 30 dollars.
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