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Argumentative essays are difficult to write. Please provide some effective tips of writing it. 

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Writing an argumentative essay might seem like a daunting task but the following killer tips may make the journey easy for you.

Always go for a topic you are passionate will have more fun finding facts about this topic

Get a lid on your emotion.It does not mean you shouldn't write something that will trigger some emotions.but you have to do it make sure you have some facts that will do that for you

Don't take a swipe at the other side by using snide, innuendo remarks...derogatory terms like stupid, goober,dorky,lunatic should be absent from your write up

Start our essay by presenting the opposing side first.This may impress your instructor

Don't fabricate evidences.Including hogwash into your write up is just not the way to go.If you can't back your point with enough evidence,then look for another point

Your opening should be catchy, may start your essay by citing your sources within the essay or by letting your evidence tell your story not your opinion statement or finding really respected people who agree with your points and quoting them .

You may get your friend to read through your essay and tell you if he or she is persuaded by it.
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An argumentative essay does not have to be hard is you know the formula for writing and if you practice to write on regularly. The first thing you need to do to a five paragraph, argumentative essay is to formulate a thesis statement. The thesis statement is the most important part of the essay because central argument of the essay, and the essay rises and falls on it. The thesis statement should be divided into three parts, which represents the three main points of the essay. The thesis statement should be located at the last line of the introduction.

The introduction can start with a rhetorical question, anecdote, statistic or quote. The middle of the introduction should provide some background information to the topic. After that you write the thesis statement.
The first part of the thesis statement is the first main point of the argumentative essay. The topic sentence, which highlights the first main point, opens the first body paragraph. In this paragraph, you use statistics, quotes from credible sources, and other facts to prove the main point of the paragraph. Then you conclude the paragraph with a sentence that analyses and synthesizes the information gathered from the sources. You continue to do this for at least 2 more paragraphs, which should deal with the second and third parts of the thesis statement.
When you're done with at least 3 body paragraphs you conclude by restating the main points and ending with a sentence that's philosophical or poses a deeper question that's related to the topic, which can lead to even more research on the topic. Edit and revise essay for style, grammar, mechanics and diction. Of course, only formal language is used in argumentative essays. Slang and colloquialism cannot be used.
Of course, this is for a 5 paragraph essay. When you have mastered essay writing, you are able to write a longer essay, and place the thesis statement anywhere in the introductory paragraphs of a longer and more complex essay. I hope this helps.

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