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I guess with the changes, comes less questions. now that the rules have become tougher one has to be cautious with the kind of questions that they are posting. but i think there are quite a number of questions that one can answer. I know for me there are many questions that i can look through and answer given that i have been away for a while. i guess there are more people answering the questions, as opposed to those who are asking the questions. if you have answered most the questions, then it's only natural that you add up some more questions on your side. that will definitely add up the numbers of questions being asked. Though some of the questions are pointed at specific things and places,and that limits some people from answering, because they have no idea about what is being asked, or talked about.
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I agree with you. Most people are  interested in earning cheap points .That's why they just answer questions but they don't realise that to keep the site running, more questions should be posted as well. Its sad
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I think a majority of users here prefer to answer questions instead to earn points and make money. I don't think they realize that posting questions here also earns them points as well. Either that or they have found a similar site with more traffic. I don't log on to this site every day anymore because of the lack of questions. I only log on every couple weeks or so.
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But seriously, I really want this site to be like quora but if people don't post questions, I guess the site will not be abuzz and that will negatively affect the site.

Its sad that people are just here to get some cash not to get knowledge. This type of mentality is twisted
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Even if people are here to gain knowledge. They dedicate time and resources to keep the site running. Now its an agreement between us and the owner of the site to work and gain little cash. since the cash is not paid since a long time. How do we get encouragedencouraged?.
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Is answeree paying or not ?? Please am new here, I just joined 
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Its a legit site but I don't think they are paying for now.Most people are here for money and since they are not getting it,they bolt.

Wether they pay or not,I love the site and I respond to questions all the time.I guess if people have that mindset,a lot of people will be here which will make the site earn some money and be able to pay users

I advise you to stick around if you want to add to your knowledge. Its a great site and they will pay if people post questions and interact.
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I think this site is still fairly new, which is why there isn't a lot of activity going on. It would definitely help the userbase increase if members got together to promote Answeree on other platforms. The community is very small right now, and since this is an Answer based rewards system, every fewer people are actually posting questions. To maximize the success of Answeree is to increase the number of people who regularly frequent it.
Answering questions for a reward is practically unheard of, especially if you're not a rocket scientist or something. Not a lot of people are looking for websites like Answeree, which is why it's constantly passed over. Furthermore, it's a startup, and frankly, unpopular. That might also have to do with the graphics and overall formatting of the site, however.

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