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You can use social media to promote that or you can use microworkers to pay someone to vote.

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If you are looking for a way to get noticed then you need to give people a reason to notice you. Your answer and how you address the question is so important on Q & A sites. Here are a few tips to help you out. I'm not saying these will get all of your answers upvoted, but they will get you noticed and respected by the community.

  1. When answering a question, read the question and understand what the person is asking.
  2. Make sure you write the answer so everyone understands what you are talking about. There are some questions that are technical and if you get too complicated with your answer, nobody will understand what you have said. Even if it is the best answer posted. 
  3. Use of bullets or number lists to help you explain how to fix or repair something is an excellent way to break down your answer. This makes it easier to read and a person can understand smaller steps easier than large ones all strung together.
  4. Do your research. Make sure you have all your facts straight and have given the best possible answer as possible.
  5. Never copy and paste information from online.
  6. Never answer a question with a question.
  7. Never give a short answer and a link to the answer online. In your answer you'd say here is how to fix this. People don't want to go to another link to read how to do it. That is why they asked you. You should summarize the answer for the person and in the end, you can give them the link if they'd like to read more. 
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If you are talking about competition in a Question and Answer websites, then you can ask your friends to upvote for you. I have recently voted someone in a site with their answer, I am working at Microworkers and found this task to upvote his answer on the website. So, I am thinking it would be the same situation as yours, and I will give it as an example. This tasks will require you to pay anyone who successfully done you task requirements. You can list this task in one the micro job sites like Piciworkers, Microworkers, and Rapidworks,m. These sites you can ear at the tine and you can use your earnings to list a job task with specific instructions on where to go and how to find and do it. Sone people using these sites to promote or pay someone to watch,like, comment, and even subscribe their youtube video. So, I think you  can the same.

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