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Is it depends on country? In my family there are different ways to fry chicken. On holidays we cook the whole chicken in oven. Often my mom buys and fries only legs or wings. I prefer cut into small pieces chicken's fillet fried with curry seasoning.
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Fried chicken is extremely easy to make .Just follow the following steps and you will be on your way to making a delicious fried chicken

Add chicken in a pot with all the spices(pepper,curry,onion,garlic,bouillon cube,ginger).Add water and salt then let it boil for 15 to 20 minutes.Make sure you stir occasionally to make the flavour come together.After 20 minutes,remove the chicken and set it aside.

Heat the vegetable oil on medium heat and fry the chicken until golden brown ,then remove the chicken.

If you prefer a healthier version,you can also grill the chicken in the oven for thirty (30) minutes.It can be served with tomato sauce, or with Attieke or with anything you like.

Fried chicken can also be taken with jollof rice. This makes a perfect meal with some vegetables at the side of the plate.
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Let me just start by saying, chicken is a favorite food in my community, it is our delicacy there. We love chicken at any time. Anyway we have a way that we fry our chicken it's a bit different from the way everybody else cooks it. Usually there is some ash that you get from burning maize cobs that have been dried, or banana peels that have been dried. This are not the ripe bananas but the raw ones. You burn it on a clean surface so that when its all burned to ashes you can collect it and use. The first thing you do is to put a bit of the ash in a container that has holes underneath, and put in water so that you can extract some of liquid. You boil the chicken together with the liquid, for about half an hour depending on how tough the meat is, this is used to tenderize the chicken, after that cut your onions and tomatoes, Fry the onion until golden brown then add the tomatoes let them cook and then add in the meat.stir until well pour in the stork let it simmer for like 30 minutes and you are done. Sweet aroma and flavors.

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