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I am not very good at cooking, but I am fond of gaming. Are there any PC or mobile games which will help me to make progress in cooking or just cook while playing?

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There are a lot of cooking games floating around the internet. Most of them have very similar objectives, interfaces, and graphics. The objectives usually fall under following simple, easy-to-remember steps in order to create a "dish" to sell to a certain number of NPCs. If you want a game to give you progress in cooking in real life, there probably isn't one that will help you develop kitchen skills. Consider watching simple tutorial videos or reading articles online, or taking a course. However, if you're looking for a bit of mindless fun, there's tons of apps and websites. There's a very popular franchise whose games are named something like "Papa's [food]-eria". Example: Papa's Freezeria. There's dozens of variants of this internet game, and it's very simple to learn. As for mobile games, there's too many to choose from. Just try just looking up "restaurant" or "cooking" on Google Play and choose whichever one has the most attractive graphics to you.
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Thanks a lot! I've already found some games on Google Play. They are great for having fun, but not for learning, you're right.
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Everyone has its own craze. Some People has craze of cooking and some people has craze of game. The Gamers always want the best graphics card for there laptops.
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There are many cooking games available on the playstore. Like

1. Fast Food Bar

2. Turkey Cooking Simulator

3. Cooking Scene
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