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Currently, a lot of countries' economies are slowing down, meaning that the number of jobs that are being created is either decreasing or remaining stagnant. This means there are fewer positions in the world for people to become successful in. Furthermore, the world population is increasing at a rapid rate. Many countries are also seeing the number of people increase in their borders - all of this means that there are fewer positions for far more people (this is not applicable to most European countries, as those are in Stage 4 of the Demographic Transition Model and therefore have decreasing populations). The increase in people and decrease in employment will continue to occur as time progresses. And of course, due to the creation of the internet, more people are aware of it. Therefore, they are less likely to be motivated and more likely to be unsuccessful in their endeavors.
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This is one question I ask myself every time and i have not really come up with a sensible answer.I work so hard and I still can't boast of millions in my bank account while some people who are not working as hard as me earn millions because they got lucky enough to get a job in a good company or they have one connected relative who will got them that big job
I guess few people have good business acumen but a lot of people prefer to just work under someone or in an organization instead of starting their own business.

I have come to the conclusion that life is not fair.Some people will find it easy in life .They will attend good schools, get big jobs and become successful while some people will just struggle through life till they die.I guess this things are predetermined. I'm not saying one should not work hard and work smart but at the end of the day, que Sera Sera(what will be will be)
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Amen to that. Life can be unfair at times. But i guess we just have to take each day as it comes and keep working on our goals if it is to be successful then it Will be but if not.... Lets just be thankful that we have life and we can still be an inspiration to someone someday. Just be thankful where we're at ans for what we have. 
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Something you achieved easily is dull and boring. Life will give you some challenges to make you feel like you're worth for the prize. There goes saying, "No pain, no gain". Almost all of the successful people right now: Bill Gates, Ophra, and Disney had some challenges before. There are a lot of bumps in their journey and that didn't stop them because they know that the destination is worth it.

Just trust yourself, work smart and take risks.
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Its not easy to be successful in what you love to do if you don't put any efforts in it,For you to be successful you must work smart in everything, you must use your time  well and you must not give up easily.
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It is hard to be successful because people usually apply the wrong principle of success one which is total dependence on salary. Successful people view money as seeds and there fore make the effort to invest in the right business. Lack of planning and poor management of resources is another reason people fail in becoming successful.
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If you want to get fail, you simply sit back and relax and do nothing. Whereas, if you want to succeed- it requires some amount of conscious effort on your part and a lot of hard work (which failing doesn't require) hence, makes it easy to fail and tough to succeed.
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For being more successful you have to become more hardworking, more consistent and more and need more will power. it is not easy thing to get success without doing much of hard work so hence is very hard to become a successful but if consistently work hard you can get success easily.
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It is hard to be successful if a person does not have personal goals. The best course of action is to plan his or her short-term or long-term goals. Being successful is not like saying it instantly. It needs to work hard and that is the key factor to be successful.
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Success is a common word and an everyday used phrase but it is understood differently between people. For some it may mean financial freedom, good life and all luxuries in life, good health. Whatever meaning one might have, for one to be successful in any aspect you need to have discipline, time management, practice gratitude and contentment and work smart to achieve your dreams. 
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