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Browsers always prompt to save the password on it. Is it date to store passwords there on chrome or firefox? If someone hacks my browser don't I lose all my passwords to him? do I?
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You cna save password in ypur browser if you are the only one who can access it but if multiple people accessing your computer, do not save it.
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If you want to stay safe, you shouldn't safe your password anywhere on a computer. I only save my school username and password, since no one can really do anything if they get on that. However, you shouldn't EVER save the password of your Paypal or Bank account. 

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Computer safety is only as good as you make it. Everyone wants an easy way out and will opt for this by storing their account login and password in their browsers settings. These can easily be erased when you clean out your browser setting. If you want to keep your computer safe and all of your accounts from being hacked you should do the following:

  1. Never store your passwords on your computer.
  2. Never store your passwords on your tablet or smartphone.
  3. Keep your passwords backed up in a secure location. Normally this means you can add them to a USB drive or keep them in a notebook.
  4. Never use the same password on multiple accounts. Each account needs its own password.
  5. Don't make passwords that are easy to hack. A hacker can find a password easily if you just use a few letters or numbers. You need to make it hard for a hacker to get your passwords.
  6. A secure password would be something like this: 116#$TYFxyz%%, These types of passwords would be hard for a hacker to figure out.
  7. If you are worried about your browser being hacked, then your first line of defense against this is your router.
  8. A router comes with a standard username and password. 
  9. What people fail to remember is that these need to be changed. The SSID and the password have got to be changed on your router. You should also stop the broadcasting of your SSID so people can't find your router when they go searching for networks in your area. 
  10. Change your router password and make it secure. Today people drive around with a WiFi location device and look for WiFi signals they can easily hack. Don't let it be yours. 
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If you're the only person accessing the device, I'll say its safe because many times you tend to sign up for many websites and you might forget passwords. Else, if you don't want to save the password in the browser then you should have one password for all your working websites.In case you're not the only person using the device then you should never save the password in the browser.In this scenario,I'll suggest you clear your browser's history for security purposes.
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If you're the only one who accesses your computer and you're 100% sure that you don't have any viruses to your computer then your safe password will be safe but if you're not the only one accessing your computer then we're not 100% sure that your computer is safe from the cyber attacks, some computer get cyber attack when they are downloading an unauthorized program and run into the system, once it has happened and your computer got infected of viruses then there are high chances that your secret files will be secretly stolen.
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it will be safe if you are the only one who can access your device. because i also save passwords on my account and i never encounter any problem. but if there is someone who is using the device that you are also using it is better not to save your password. it will be easy for them to hack your account specially if it is an online bank account and please do make sure that all of your account have a two-factor authentication for you to know if there is someone who is trying to sign in your account.
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Saving passwords in the browser is not at all good idea. Some people save it because they don't want to enter the details for every time logging account , they feel lazy to enter the details, yes browser asks it every time to save password, by saving it we actually ourselves making it open for all. As we don't know the future situation,when we lose mobile or some person may hack it ,it's always good thing to not to save password.


The password we put should be very strong and and we should make sure to note down we might not forget it or lose it.
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Hi friend

For me depends if your using your phone and computer to log in to your site it is safe to save password  so you will not foregt it.But if your log in to other computer account is not safe because other may use it or abuse it.enjoy posting and make much to posy and enteract with others. have a great day

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