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I found this phrase 'it costs a bomb' which people usually using in their comments. Any idea about this phrase?
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'' Costs a bomb '' is a British idiomatic expression. It's informal and it means something is very expensive. '' Bomb '' in British slang means a lot of money, a fortune and it has been in use since the 1950s.  This expression is also common in Australia.

There are other variations of this idiomatic expression and that have the same meaning:

-Cost an arm and a leg.

-Cost the earth.

-Cost a packet.

-Cost a small fortune.

I recommend The Oxford Dictionary of Modern Slang if you have an interest in idioms and slang words and expressions. This book has over 6000 slang words and expressions, and they're British and American and from all over the English-speaking world. It's packed with illustrations too so it'll be very entertaining.
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This phrase are used if you are going to do something that will cost a lot. Some says it means that "it cost too much". Like in a sentence, my car is damaged and I don't want it to get fixed right away because it cause a bomb. A bomb is very expensive or when it explode, it is very dangerous. This phrase is used if we are going to expect big things that will happen that is not in our favor. It usually about money so when you say it cost a bomb, you better avoid doing it for now or you better get prepared for a costly thing or matter that you will be doing. I heard this phrase when me and my mother was talking about fixing our house. My mother said the phrase but in our own language and I know what she really means, I will cry a lot because I will be sharing a big amount with my savings and it is never an assurance that my money will be return. I might as well give it all since it is about our house. You can use this phrase now. 
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"It costs a bomb" is an idiomatic expression, which is used to refer to something that is expensive or unusually expensive. This has been used in the UK for as early as the 1950s. For instance, a person may say, "That car is really very nice, it must have cost him a bomb". The idea is that a "bomb", which has cost a large sum of money may inflict a huge amount of damage. You may find some similar phrases that may be used interchangeably with cost a bomb such as "cost a fortune/the earth".

As this term has been popular in the UK, there was a time when the phrase created a confusion for Americans traveling in England, due to the difference in meaning and context of its usage. For instance, a performance referred to as "a bomb" denotes a success in the UK, whereas when a performance is bombed, it meant the other way in the US.

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The term 'it costs a bomb' means it is very costly. It is a phrase used to exaggerate or give a big feel to emphasize that something is very much costly to own. The phrase has also been used for anything impossible to own just because of it's high-value cost.
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It means that it costs a lot. For example I visited one fashion site which was very expensive, so I would call it that it costs a bomb. Hope it helps you. Thank you.
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