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I run a writing blog on Tumblr and have a writing Instagram page. Is there a way to increase my fanbase and get more exposure? 
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Writing interesting topics is what makes readers read more and spread it. If your content is dull and boring, no one will read it. Try to start your story a bit more interesting so readers get more interest to read it further. And you can do share your writings on social media accounts.
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You should try to share your writings on Facebook and Twitter as well. They are one of the largest social networking sites next to Instagram. In addition, try to write things that you think people will read. Who is your target audience by the way? This will help you what to write for your upcoming blogs.
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Hello :)

I am an award winning, published author.

The number 1 best advice I can give is to be yourself and keep writing.

The fanbase you need will find you.

I can also offer my help in suggesting edits and posting links to you for same fees.

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