The current email I'm using for Answeree is not related to my Paypal. Should I change it? Or will Answeree ask for my Paypal email when I request a withdrawal?
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They don't ask but when you reach the minimum cash out, you need to send them a private message including your email where do you want to be paid.
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The only way to get money to a PayPal account is through the PayPal email address that you have used when you created this account. Here on the site in your profile, there is a place for you to enter your PayPal email address. Once you have reached the threshold and have submitted your request to the site for payment they will check your account. The site admin will then go to your profile and find your PayPal email ID and send you your money. it is that simple and not so hard to do. 
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They don't ask me my email address but I have already updated my paypal email address. So I sent a withdrawal request and receive the payment within hours. 
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