I wonder how babies recognize their mother even in a sleep. As we all know babies smell good and we all like that smell, do these little ones have an ability to recognize their mother's scent?
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Crazy but true, babies has a strong smells and they can trace their mother's smell and will always look for it.

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As a mother, you carried this child for 9 months and gave birth to them. There is always a special bond between mother and child even before the child is born. It takes a few weeks for the baby's eyes to focus and they can actually see shapes and objects. In the beginning, the child is sensing your presence. They have a special bond with you and they just know you are there. They understand your touch, feel your warmth, love, and kindness. As you hold your baby in your arms and nurse your child they smell your skin and understand that you are their mom.  

When your baby is sleeping and your reach down to touch their soft skin or pick them up to cuddle them, they understand from your touch and feel that you are their mom. It is sort of a seventh sense in your child when you are near. 
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Of course they do. Babies are far more closer to their mothers than anybody else. Their closeness to them started right from the moment the mother conceived them. While their are in the womb, they survive through what their mothers is giving to them. And this is done via the placenta that carries blood, food nutrients, oxygen, etc, from their mothers to them.

Fortunately, during this period, the bond between them has already been established, and the baby has already gotten to recognize everything about the mother. By the time she has given birth to him/her, the baby has already gotten used to everything about his/her mother including the scent from the mother's body.

Lastly, babies are very sensitive to their environment, and due to this sensitivity, they can easily perceive what is happening around them. Interstingly, their mother is the only person they can relate with freely by recognizing everything about them.
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I will want to answer in the affirmative because from my observation I will say they know how their mom's smells that is why they get stuck to their mom all the the time even without looking at them.

I want to believe that they might have been perceiving their mom smell or scent right from the womb this is nature for us and what really helps them to be really convinced that the one carrying them is their mom is also the smell of the mom's breast milk. Researchers have found out that a baby can easily distinguish between the mother's breast milk smell with a different mother, so I attribute this strictly to the bonding that exist between the child and the mother within those days. They have constantly perceived the mom scent even within a possible shortest time and they are used to the scent to know their mom.
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While growing, babies do have strong reflexes for touch, smell and sight. Hence they recognize the scent of their mothers even someone's touch they are able to detect. 
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In the first few days after the birth, the mother's body produces a sweat similar in scent to amniotic fluid and babies are able to discriminate their own mother's odor and odors produced by either unfamiliar lactating females and females who have never given birth.
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