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I believe babies can recognized their fathers voice or anyone if they constantly talking to them.

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When my daughter was born and her dad walked into the room and spoke she seemed to look in his direction or move around more in my arms. I think if a father is very attentive and hold their son and daughter from the start the baby will recognize them right away. Normally, when holding the child the father should softly speak to the baby so they know he is there and how much he loves them. For some reason, children know their parents and when they walk in the room or they speak 

I would suggest that your husband hold your son/daughter as much as possible. Help in changing their diapers or giving them a bath. This is the special bonding time that a father can have with their child. This is very important to the baby that the father helps out in their care each day. This will help increase the bonding between father and child. 

When you give your child a bath at night, you both should be there bathing the baby and putting the baby down for the evening. 
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I agree. The father should take of his baby from the start of the day. Thanks for your answer.
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Babies get to recognize their father's voice because he's been hearing him all along while in the womb.A baby will recognize his dad's voice because fathers are capable of strong bonding attachments during their newborn periods. That's why its highly recommendable for father's to hold their kids when they're young and try speaking to them and smiling. Kids enjoy this and it helps in bonding with their parents.
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It depends with a child. Some children are geniuses and recognize their parents voice even when they are one month old. This situation also depends with how often the father is close to the kid. In most families fathers are the bread winners of the family. This makes them to spend a lot of time away hustling and when they come home they are tired and heads straight to bed without brothering to make time with the baby. But a father who plays with his kid very often it will take the child only three months to recognize the fathers voice.
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It is nice to see a father bond with his child. I used to see in movies some time ago when fathers would kiss their wives belly's when they heard that they were going to be a father. You could even see them whispering kind and loving words for their unborn child over the mother's belly. I used to think its just a good gesture but as i became older i started to learn that kids actually know when their parents are talking to them. So i believe the bonding starts right in the womb. I was watching a documentary on reproductive health and child bearing and i was shocked on the information that i got from there., it was so enlighting. Life is so interesting there are things we take for granted yet they are so serious and helpful in our lives. Doctors even encourage couples to talk to their children while in the womb so that by the time the baby is born he/she already know how the daddy or mummy sounds and there is usually such a strong bond between them. I also got to know that when a woman is going through labour pains or the kid is kicking, they should sing for them while rubbing their belly's that calms them down. Interesting facts.
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Yes, they do, but it depends on when their fathers start to establish communication with them. Babies are very sensitive to what is happening around them. Their sensitivity begin right from when they are in the worm. If fathers learn to utter words to their babies when they are still in the womb, maybe by placing their heads on their mothers bellies, the baby would start to recognize the voice of the father.

But if this practice is not done, the baby would only recognize his/her father's voice whenever he starts talking directly with him/her. For instance, the father usually carries the baby when he/she is crying, and he is trying to pet the baby. During this period, he's interacting with the baby. With time, the baby would get to know the man always doing this for him/her. And that's how the bond between them would start to develop, and anytime he/she hears his/her father's voice, he/she would recognize it instantly.
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According to the study, babies recognise their fathers voice from.32 weeks onwards. Babies do recognise outside sounds from 16 weeks onwards.
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 First of all a babies are first learners that why they learn  just after seeing day and night for the first time.Mostly they first recognise their mothers through voice and smell of milk and then they start to recognise their father through  voice and touch.
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You may not believe that babies can recognize voices within 25 to 26 weeks in a woman's womb. Once they were delivered, they develop the other senses at 2 months period. That's what they can recognize the voice of their parents. We cannot say it should be the fathers, but also the mothers.
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Babies do recognize the voice of their father earlier enough especially when the father keeps a constant bond with the child. My children recognized their father's voice at an early stage. 
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Researches based on parenting suggests that babies can recognize their father's voice from 32 weeks gestation and immediately after birth.
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