Any idea bout the difference between Beer Parlour and Pub? One can have Beer from both places, I didn't find any difference between these two.

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Beer parlour is a hall or portion of a hotel or restaurant where (only) beer is served. The term Pub is a short form of word 'public house'  famous in the countryside areas and villages in English countries, where you get a variety of drinks including particular brand beer, wine, and other alcoholic drinks. To know more about a pub - visit this wiki link

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I am not sure quite sure but I think beer palour is a place in the counter where alcoholic drinks are served whereas a pub is a public building whereby drinks are bought and drank within the premises whereas in a beer palour one can decide to have the drink there and have it as a take away.I think beer palour is more like bar if  am not wrong.
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From my understanding a beer parlour is a specific area where you will find people taking beer alone. No other drinks are served at this place. It is specifically meant for beer lovers only. But a pub is an entertainment arena or joint as we call it back home. It's a place where entertainment of different kinds is offeted under one roof. You will get music being played, there is a dance floor where people can get up and dance, there is the area that's called the bar area where they have some high chairs or stools, there they will serve you with wines or hard stuff like tecquila and whisky's. Then there is also a place set aside for those who would want to have some privacy they have couches for that in cubicles. That's quite something so if you are out to have some fun the whole night i guess a pub will work out for you.
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