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No, you cannot. If this "friend" scammed you and stole a large amount of money, you should think twice about sticking around them. One, this person is most likely using "friendship" as a reason to wheedle cash favors and small opportunities from you. They've earned your trust, just to stab you in the back, and most likely don't value you as a friend - instead, they see you more like a piggy bank to take advantage of. Furthermore, even if they honestly considered you a friend, they clearly breached on the mutual trust that should be between you two. Needless to say, your friend certainly doesn't value your relationship as much as you do if she decided to scam you. Drop her!
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I already ditched her, however, she is facing some problems right now. So I was thinking of reaching out to her but on the other hand I am afraid that she might just scam me later in life again. I just let her be.
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Yes, you should do that. Don't try to reach out, since you might sink with her, but you can let her be. Or, if you're feeling chivalrous, offer help, but no money. Any other kind of help - a shoulder to cry on, someone to help find a job, etcetera. But don't give her money again. 
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A real friend should be someone you can trust with your life.Someone who cares about you and someone you know can never hurt you no matter what.

If I can't lean on someone I call a friend, then that person is not my friend.I can't be friends with a two faced individual. I can't be friends with a slimy person.

One honest truth is a friend that can scam you of a huge amount of money without considering your feelings is not your friend.Such person can kill you at the drop of a hat.

I have learnt a lot in this world.I have learnt enough to know that a friend that  can abuse your trust should not be trusted ever again. I can forgive you but I will never trust that person again and I will never be close to that person again.

I wouldn"t want such a thing to happen again and a friend who duped you today can dupe you tomorrow if given the chance. Once beaten, twice shy.
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We used to be really close. We've been friends for more than two decades. It just saddens me that our friendship is equivalent to an amount of money.
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Life itself is a teacher.I have learnt that their is nobody in this world that cannot mess up.We are all humans and we all have that sin nature. That's why I always expect the worst from people knowing fully well that we are all imperfect.
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Ask from your heart, you know very well once you got hit by someone you can't trust her again, but if you wanted to, it simply means you like or love her. Now, at this stage the question is really simple, is she loves you? Why did she scammed with you? The obvious answer is she just used you and if you trust on her she will use you again.

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