Are all the theories mentioned in the Big Bang Theory have scientific basis? - Answeree
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Yes! Most of the Big Bang Theory mentions are snippets of theories from real life - the entire show is just scientific comedy.

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When I saw your question,I decided to make some research on the big bang theory.Although,its a theory I have heard about before but I never bothered to make some research on it.

The big bang theory explains how the universe came into existence Some of us believe it was created by a supreme being and we believe he is the only one that pulls the string of the universe. Scientists don't lean towards that belief.They believe that the universe started with a small singularity,then inflated over some 13.8 billion years to the cosmos.

The current instruments don't allow scientists to peer back at the universe birth ,much of what we understand  about the big bang theory comes from mathematical calculations and models.

Majority of the astronomical community believe this theory why others offer alternative explanations besides the big bang.

The honest truth is the big bang theory doesn't make any sense to me and whoever came up with that explanation is just brain dead.
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The big bang CONJECTURE is based on
the expanding universe CONJECTURE which is based on
the ASSUMPTION that red shifted light is due to doppler effect.
So most of what we think we know about the universe is based on one observation and an assumption.

This is lousy science. There are other causes of red shifted light.
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