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I am a marketing employee but I'm pregnant since last few months, My husband is very tensed about my pregnancy. What do you recommend me? 

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I worked during all 3 pregnancies without issue. It is my understanding that as long as you continue doing the activities you did prior to getting pregnant, with some modifications, you should be able to continue doing them during pregnancy. Have a checkup by your doctor is important to rule out any health issues but otherwise working while pregnant keeps you active and helps your body get ready for delivering the baby.

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This really depends on your current financial situation, where you live, and what kind of job you have. If you live in a country that requires paid maternity leave, you should definitely take the break - you don't want to overwork or stress yourself during pregnancy, since studies have shown that it can cause an miscarraige. However, if you live in places without paid leave (for example, the United States) then you should still work, but try and take breaks, especially if your work requires a lot of strenuous activity. Standing on your feet for too long can disrupt the bloodflow to your baby and it's downright dangerous for it. Don't listen to people who say you should "exercise" or "work out" before a pregnancy - it could be DANGEROUS. Finally, don't do any heavy lifting late into your pregnancy. However, if you have a desk job, you should be completely fine.
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I don't see anything wrong with that. I have seen many women do this for all their kids. It all depends on an individual, if someone is active even before they get pregnant, they usually progress on well without issues. If you are doing exercises everyday, eating well and walking around, basically just being active throughout, the probability of you working until the last minute is like ninety percent. I think when you are active your body gets used to the movements, so you don't get too tired all the time making you lazy. When you eat well and exercise the body will respond well, if not you will have discomfort and that will do you no good. Even doctors advice pregnant women to walk alot because it is good for the foetus. Just keep to your appointments with the doctor, follow instructions to the latter and all shall be well.

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