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My hairstylist says that I should get my hair washed every month, (african american hair tends to not produce oils as much) but I feel I really need a wash because it feels dirty and dry. Should I wash it or wait?

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Black women hear this often.They are always advised to wash their hair infrequently to prevent it from drying out.If your hair is naturally dry or you use chemical relaxers which can make your hair dry out and brittle then you should rinse your hair everyday and wash it once a week or once in 10 days
Keep in in mind that not all Africans have dry hair.Blacks with biracial ancestry may have hair that gets more oily.If washing your hair once in ten days wouldn't keep your hair clean, wash it twice a week.

The bottom line is although black women have similar hair.They don't all have the same hair type and hair care needs.Wash and condition your hair based on how greasy or oily your hair feels not based on "how often" black women are supposed to wash their hair.

Personally ,I think washing your hair once in a month is not a good idea. Once a week or once in two weeks is still okay.Just wash it based on how greasy your hair is.
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You went to a stylist because you thought she knew more than you. If you have changed your mind, you need to change your stylist.

Still, it is possible to disagree on a minor point. Americans in general wash their hair much more than they need to, and that is not considered a major issue.
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This is a question of hair stylist and your intuition. I think they both play a big part in decision making. First of all when you got a hair stylist what was on your mind? Am sure you were thinking i need someone to be organizing my head every so often for me to look nice right? Not many people can afford what you have, most people would rather follow their own heart. Anyway, your stylist definately knows what is right for you because they have analyzed you before so they know what suits you best. You should be able to trust him/her to make a decision for you. In the same way, you can use your intuition to make a decision on the same. Its actually what you think or feel that Comes first, then you relay it to your stylist, then from there she will analyze and let you know whether it works for you or not. They all work together.

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