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Yes, Glue fix your shoe. Soles are often the first part of a shoe to wear out. Repairing the sole can be a easy way to make your shoe good as new. You can replace worn out soles or fixed holes or loose soles in just a few minutes and wear them again in 24 hours. How to do it? Here is the details.

  1. Replacing Worn out Sole.
  • Pull the old sole off with pliers.
  • Clean off any old glue using acetone.
  • Roughen up the bottom of the shoe and the new sole with sandpaper.
  • Apply shoe sole adhesive to the new sole with a brush or cotton ball.
  • Put the new sole in place and press it tightly against the shoe.
  • Clamp the sole to the shoe using rubber bands, duct tape or weight.
  • Wait 24 hour before using the shoe again.
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Yes, there is! Generally, gluing the sole back onto the bottom of your shoe is the only way to fix the problem. You should choose a glue that holds very strongly and dries quickly, along with being wind and water proof. This makes it so that your soles won't come back off when you're walking through snow or rain, or just splashing through puddles. You can always buy shoe glue for around 5-10 bucks at Walmart or whatever is your local supermarket. There are a lot of reliable brands, such as Shoe Goo that you can use. But if you want a multipurpose glue, you can always go for more heavy duty options like Gorilla.
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This products has high reviews on Amazon. It is called boot fix shoe glue. It does fix sole problems for your shoes. Please Click on the link  Boot-Fix Glue Link. This product as a 4.5 star on review from the customers. I hope this answers your question.

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