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I bought a new led monitor for my PC online and while connecting the video card I found two usb ports on my monitor. It's the first time I'm seeing such ports on monitor. What is the use of these usb ports on monitor?

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USB ports on monitors are intended to plug in a digital camera or any such device having a USB output. Even though these ports can be used for connecting many devices, the primary use of these ports on monitors are to connect handycams or digital cameras.
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You can run any videos or music directly from your T.V by plugging a USB to it. But I don't know why for a monitor. May be to connect an audio jack or for a USB.
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You can connect any USB device to your monitor directly. Like camera, Pendrive etc. If there is USB port the all the devices that is for usb port can be plugged. You can plug digital cam or pendrive to get access to pictures movies or any other documents easily.

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