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What will happen if not having any kind of activity in childhood? What are the consequences of not exercising at all?
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Diseases and more diseases. What more can you expect?

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The bad consequences are many.

It is easier to get overweight, developing certain issues such as high blood pressure and diabetes, your muscles weaken, you get little cardio activity (remember your heart is a muscle so it also weakens).

When you exercise you get more oxygen in your bloodstream, which is Good for your brains and the body as a whole...your blood circulation also improves...all it takes is a half hour walk daily to feel the good changed: better sleep, more strength to work and to deal with daily life .healthier body and more!
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As a child, you need exercise to help build your body muscles, your growth rate and control your weight. A child needs a lot of exercise in order to build up their body muscles, bones and heart. I a child is deprived of exercise they will end up with weaker bones, heart, overweight, prone to heart attacks, and many other medical issues. The child will become very lazy and all they will want to do is sleep. Furthermore, in school, the child won't have enough energy to concentrate on the assignments and stay awake in class. 

If you fail to do any type of physical activity this can lead to muscle problems, the bad flow of blood to your heart, will weaken your heat, and cause you to overeat, sleep and gain an extreme amount of weight. Your body will start to retain sugar and other fats which will add fat around your heart. This in return will cause the weakening of your heat and you'll end up with a heart attack or stroke because of this.

As a child or an adult, it is very important to get out and move around. Find some sort of physical activity that you enjoy. It could be walking, swimming, riding a bike or even playing sports. You have to start now if you want to live a longer healthier life and not have tons of medical problems when you get older. 
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The consequences of not exercising varies. Health issues from diabetes to heart attacks to even strokes can happen if proper exercise isn't established. This also includes proper dieting.

Furthermore, children need to be active in order to prevent the above from happening. And this holds true even for adults. 

Also, by not exercising, obesity can set in and can cause health complications that include death.

It is best for both children and adults to set a good, healthy lifestyle routine that fits their needs.
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Physically inactive can increase your health risks in many ways, coronary heart, strokes, high blood pressure, breathlessness, flabby body, little energy, stiffy joints, osteoporosis and overweight.

May lead to feeling of anxiety and depression and at times may lead to the development of high blood pressure.

Exercising 30 minutes every morning can reduce the above effects.
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If you are not burning your fats, then it could lead to lots of tiredness and you become overweight. From experience, when i was not exercising, I get tired already even though I only have a few steps walking. I feel drain already when I haven't started anything at work. I even have a slow movements because I feel heavy. When we are not burning our fats, we are giving a reason for our body to suffer from a future illness. Better prevent it before you are under medication. I remember there are times I cannot walk anymore because my feet is tired. I can even use a stairs because I will lose my breath even for a few steps. It is hard when you are getting over weight. Exercise once a week is a must. Just a little to perspire and give your body an oxygen.
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Physical activity is very important for human body, apart from making one be active in the different duties that one needs to carry out daily the health benefits are enormous.

Physical activity is needed from childhood to give one the needed stamina to complete immediate and long term tasks. Right from childhood I was told by my physical and health education teacher that we need some level of physical activities daily to help  develop our cognitive and psycho motor abilities especially for a growing child.

I have always been engaging in one physical activity or the other it has helped me to be strong, rarely falls sick,not to be over weight, adds a good structure to my overall body frame and even helps to develop my mental framework too.
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The main consequence of being inactive is putting on weight but it also comes hand in hand with other problems too. If someone is lying about and not getting any exercise they are probably not socialising much either. I think this is probably more common now that we are in the age of advanced technology. Children are more likely to stay at home on their phones and tablets rather than go out and play and this can lead to overweight and lack of face to face communication. Even in some schools children can have their heads buried in their phones rather than having interaction with their friends but it is the age we live in.

I think it is just as important for children to interact socially as it is to exercise. Good diet, exercise through  physical play and interaction with others is the key to a healthy lifestyle for all children. I think the three go hand in hand.
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Not being physically active weakens the body. Exercise is a must for everyone, especially for children since this will help boost their immune system, which will prevent them from developing certain diseases ranging from colds to the chronic ones such as cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. Proper exercise will also provide them the energy to fuel their day, and to stay focused on what they are doing.
Exercise not only feeds the body but also the mind. Health experts also say that apart from weight loss, exercise also helps keep one's thinking, learning, and judgment skills sharp.

If beginning childhood, they will not be taught of the importance of being physically active, they might adopt the same lifestyle until they get old.
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There are many consequences to not being active in life. When mothers give birth to their kids, they are always advised to feed their kids with foods that will give their bodies strength and keep their bones strong. Why are they told that? Because if they don't then their kids will become immaciated which will not be good for them. We are always being told to be active in our lives so that we can live healthier lives. When you don't exercise while still young, you can be rest assured your bones will become weak and that just means one thing, disability will be part of you. Dormancy can bring about obesity which we know is the most humiliating, and can make one loose their self esteem, which if not dealt with could cause depression which would lead to even death. Laziness plays a big part also and who wants a lazy child in the house, they would be more of a nuisance than a helper.

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