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My ex-boyfriend broke up with me. When I have already moved on, he keeps on messaging me on facebook (I unfriended him already but did not block. he might think i'm bitter if I blocked him) that he broke up with me because I have a third party (which is not true. it's the other way around. actually he broke up with me because he has a new girlfriend.) So I just ignored him and moved on. When they broke up, he messages me again asking if I'm still mad at him. I just keep on ignoring him. If I lose my temper, I am going to block him.

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I read your post and I laughed. Now,you care about his feelings and that is why you did not block him on Facebook. I think you still have feelings for him and that's why you don't want to block him.

The truth is the guy did not care about your feelings before cutting you loose and bonding with his new girlfriend. I guess he later discovered that the grass is not always green at the other end  and that's why he is back again. I'm sure if he is happy in his new relationship, he would not have come back to you.

My advice is never care about his feelings. Block him on every social media their is.Ghost him.Be incommunicado .He will get the message .Don't ever care whether he thinks you are brash or not.To you,he doesn't exist  .He was in your past and let the past be. Tell this guy you can never date him again even if he is the only man on planet earth .Block him and stop picking his calls.

Don't ever trust a two faced individual. If you give in,he will hurt you again.A cheat will always be a cheat.

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