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Survey Cool entitled Income Inequality in the United States in 2019 this should valuable for you.

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Yes, it is! See, the US has one of the largest income inequality gaps in the world, for a developed country. This is bad, basically because that wider the gap becomes, the more people live in poverty. You can see many problems increase in unequal countries - more teen pregnancies, more obesity, more incarceration rates, and more bad grades. Many economists also say that income inequality slows economic growth - because the middle class is shrinking and the number of impoverished people is increasing, it means that there are less people working in dynamic industries. Inequality weakens a country's middle class, shifting everyone into the lower class. The middle class ends up not being able to support the economy, which leads to economic slowdown. US economic growth has averaged 2.2%, which is a whopping 1.1% less than our usual average. This is all because of inequality.
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It certainly is, in a nation with so much wealth it's shameful that it is distributed so unequally. For example, in 2015, the top 1% of US income earners, received 22% of all income - how can this be right, source: this infographic?

The problem is capitalism, which encourages the wealth of the few over sharing the wealth across “the many”. The issue has become tremendously worse over the past 4 decades and got even wider during the depression of 2008.

Until policy makers tackle this issue the situation will only get worse. We need tax reforms, increases to the minimum wage, reduced immigration, increased benefits, more regulation of certain industries (e.g. financial services) etc. These are just a few of the factors, it’s no one issue which contributes, its potentially hundreds, but in my opinion, the top 1% have a definite strategy of how they intend to become wealthier and wealthier at the expense of the remaining 99%.

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I would not call it a major issue, although there are some people trying hard to make it a major issue. The premises are based on lack of understanding of simple truths and normal human behavior. What the country needs is for everybody to take a course in economics. You can find some very informative essays on the economics involved at

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