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We are all humans but some are better than others. What exactly makes them better?

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The thing that would make a person better is making attempts at focusing on one's character development. When one's character is honed and developed on a continuous basis then that makes a person better over time. A person, in my opinion, is only better when that person's character is stronger and fully developed. In addition, I believe that a person ethnicity or gender does not make a person better or improve that person in any way.

A person develop his or her character by reading self improvement books, listening to self improvement tapes, and watching self improvement videos. All of this material already easily available online. If someone improves his character, such as learning to be more persevering or having more integrity, then those personal improvements will ensure that he becomes more successful in life. When one is successful because of character development then that, of course, will make him better.
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Their is no clear cut answer to that question.Some people are lucky to be born into a wealthy family,so they have access to some things that people from poor families don't have access to.Such people will definitely be much better than others.

Some people are naturally brilliant .They have high IQ and at a tender age,they had discovered their area of strength. of course,such people will be better than others because of their achievements.

Some people are skilled in a particular can be music,sport,acting ..or anything. They use their talent to make money and become celebrities and millionaires.

I guess self improvement, character building can make someone better than the rest. Some people work so whatever they do,they do it with all their heart knowing that they are in in for the long haul.

Lastly,you may not agree with this but some people have just been destined to be better than others.The world itself is a mystery and beyond a point,their is nothing we can understand. I guess those things are beyond the domain of human understanding and the honest truth is we will keep gasping into the darkness of our ignorance .This bewildering mysteries are things our children will keep struggling to find answers to

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