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I have about 500 plus contacts in my phone. How can I transfer this contacts to my laptop as a backup? So that I could use it later on my new gadgets too 

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There is a great program that is free called Syncios. You can check online and download it to your computer. Install this on your computer. This works for any Android or iOS device. Now you can:

  1. Backup all your photos to your hard drive.
  2. There is a data recovery function in case you have an issue and have lost data on your phone.
  3. You can also sync up two phones and move all your data across.
  4. Backup your contact, data, and music on your computer.
  5. This allows you to export or import photos, music, contacts, ringtones, films or any other data on the phone or your computer.
  6. You can create playlists and move music to your phone.
This is one of the best free programs out there that can really save you a lot of time and energy. Just install the program, open the program, connect your phone by the phone USB cable, and the program will sync up with your device. 

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