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I'm a black man and I'm not afraid to wear my heart on my sleeve.I look at Africa..I see underdevelopment, poverty,selfishness.. The gap between the rich and poor is so wide. Africans going for political offices only think of themselves and their families..They steal money..want others to worship them..throw there extravagant lives in our face..

The whites do think about others.. They make plans for generations unborn and that's why they are developed. 

Is this selfishness and greed deeply ingrained in the black man skin..I'm confused..or maybe the black man is just cursed...

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I am black woman and proud of it. First i don't concur with you on this. Yes a lot has been said about theblack people and Africa, but which country doesn't have corrupt individuals and self centered leaders. Every country has such people sorry to disappoint you on that. Again do not generalize people, that's an opinion you yourself hold. Not every African is greedy and selfish. It doesn't mean that if one orange is bad in a babask, it means all of them are  bad. Lets call a spade a spade and not a big spoon. Yes I agree corruption has become the main agenda in most countries, but we do have good leaders who are willing to do right for their citizens but because of the few who are out to benefit themselves, that's when you find greed setting in. We have had of corrupt individuals as well in the white community it could be they know how to keep their stuff amongst themselves and that's why you don't get to hear their stories outside and so you think all is well because you have heard nothing. So lets not paint a bad picture or point fingers we are all not perfect flaws are expected.
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I agree with you..not everybody is corrupt but if you look at Africa today, you will see that the continent is underdeveloped compared to other continents and our main problem is our leaders.. A typical African wants everything for himself and his family not caring whether others are living fine or not..a typical African wants to rule forever..

A typical African does not think about the future..he wants others to hail him while he throws his flashy lifestyle in their face..

I don't want to say the continent is cursed though.. I can only hope that things get better..
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We have many Africans who are millionaires people who have lifeted up others and made them known, lets not judge anyone, Africa is a beautiful continent with beautiful people both in and out, courageous, caring, talented you name it! we are just as good as other continents we are not any smaller. you can say we are not as knowledgeable but we are slowly coming up. Don't say as Quoted above, that a TYPICAL African that's you and i, remember you are not exempted from this equation. what we as African's need to do is rise up from the typical mindset that we are not good enough to make our continent better. do things differently and things will change.
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We have different perspections, differeny bilief and different attitudes, being greedy is not because you are an african or what but because we are human and human doesnt have satisfaction at all.
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Then,why do we have so much corruption on Africa...the region is underdeveloped because of the greed of it's leaders
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Africa is not a village in the jungle. It has one fifth of the world's land, one sixth of nations, and one seventh of population speaking over three thousand languages. Africa is as big as USA, India, China and Europe combined. Africa has a desert as big as the USA and a mountain range as big as Canada. So you need to specify which part of Africa you are talking about.
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Of course,Africa is not a jungle but Africa is underdeveloped..all thanks to its selfish leaders..the only African country doing well are the ones with big white influence like south Africa.. I don't consider Tunisia or morocco or any country where the citizens have white skin as African country.

I'm talking about the third world nations..African leaders are selfish and greedy.. From Nigeria to Tunisia to Zimbabwe to Kenya..the reason why its leaders are the way they are is what I can't wrap my brain around.

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