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I had chat with 40 aged men and shared few group pictures and mere information without any selfish thoughts i.e my name and where I'm from.We are from the same state and he got to know my birthday and insisted a lot and sent me a gift card for my birthday. I got to know his intententon was not to be just friends .So I blocked him. What should I do?? Can he be threat to me??

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A middle   collage man cannot be a harm to  collage student  she understand the real motive of that man,once you understand reasons behind his actions  you will know how to deal or to handle him if his reasons are not good.

Sometimes the man may wants to help you because you have a problem but you should not judge him first but to listen to him first so that you can understand him better.
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I guess you have already taking your decision by blocking him..A middle aged man will probably be a married man and giving out gifts to teenager will sure raise eyebrows..you said you know his intention and because of that,you decided to do the needful.

You don't need any advice. You have already blocked him because you saw the signs he was trying to flirt with you.

Some people may just be nice though.They may not have bad intention. That's one reason why one need to look closely before taking her final decision.If you block such a nice person, then its your loss not his. You are the one that stand to gain from him

In a case where the man is sending romantic text messages or asking you to send your sexy pictures or nude pictures, or urging you to hang out with him in a hotel, then you don't need a soothsayer to tell you that he wants to tuck you in nicely.

At the end of the day,it all boils down to you and your decision. Watch out for signs..I believe any girl will definitely know when a guy is flirting with her. I guess you all have a sixth sense about this things.

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