This question is based purely off of curiosity and late night discussions with myself. 

So I know this is a broad question, and probably a bit of a tough one to answer, but I'd like to know. I know America has quite the love affair with guns, and I first learned how to shoot a rifle in 4th or 5th grade at a summer camp. This may just be the area of the U.S that I live in, and to be honest I don't know if other people can relate. I'm totally open to answers from anyone that's all...
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Its both a security and also some fear.

Ive got a murderstatement from a guy a couple of years ago, which put me on very high stress.

Knowing i could get a gun at that case would be a high security for me, to keep me safe from getting injured.
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The planet has between 190 and 240 nations, and the number might change every day. So your question might have 190 to 240 answers. In some nations people carry machine guns around town. In some nations people don't even think of weapons. For instance, I heard a story recently about a fellow in London who got his head chopped off. Bystanders had called police to restore order, but then they had to wait for a special unit of police who were allowed to carry guns.
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If it would happen in America or even countries around the globe, we could be able to attain world peace. World Peace is an old issue that it is impossible to happen because of the existence of guns.
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In my country there people who are adults that can't shoot a gun, it is mainly ownfed by rich people and the military and police, we don't learn how to operate it in school.
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