How can a man get those muscular figures at the age of 80?

Like this man in this image. Not for a competition though.


Only positive answers please.

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It seems very quite difficult because the muscle at this age has already been emaciated. And secondly, the person has also lost a lot of body water needed for muscle building. Anyone that wants to try any form of exercise at this age should seek doctor's advise before doing so or else the person wants to die of untimely death.

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The aging process leads to a loss of natural muscle mass, which tends to bring difficulties in the routine of the elderly. Sedentary people who do not ingest enough protein a day can end up suffering serious consequences from losing their muscles in old age.

Losing muscle mass also means losing strength, which causes the elderly to become increasingly unable to do basic day-to-day activities. However, with muscle training and proper nutrition, it is possible to maintain strength during old age and slow down the aging process.

Gaining muscle mass after age 80 also means making some changes in the routine so that the exercises bring the desired result. In most cases, it is almost impossible not to change the diet as well, since gaining muscles also involves good nutrition and high protein intake.

For those who are approaching old age, fatty acids and especially omega 3 have been showing good results in research related to muscle loss in the elderly. Consuming daily fish oil helps to double muscle mass, intensifying training results.

Also, remember to have a controlled diet, rich in various nutrients and with certain schedules. If you start training, you will probably receive tips from the gym on how to properly feed yourself to boost your workouts. Follow rules with discipline to achieve good results.
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If a person was well built with strong muscles in his younger days, he can improve his muscles even at age of 60. Because the muscle traces will be there and those traces can be recognized by the body to revamp again. But the age 80 is more challenging, especially if that person doesn't have that earlier muscle traces as said above.

The best way is to do endurance training than power workouts. Start with walking to build a hardy constitution first. Later include jogging and running. Don't try to sprint on the very first day. Swimming is also nice only if knows how to swim. After gaining enough confidence start with small weights with more numbers and more sets of gym workouts. Consume whey protein shake twice a day and use BCAA tablets (amino acid) during workout sessions. Creatine monohydrate good before workouts but I can't recommend it considering the age of the person. Drink lot of water. Never let the body to dehydrate. Protein rich foods, milk, calcium tablets with vitamin D tablets should be in daily diets. Eat lot of fruits especially citrus fruits that having vitamin C. Vitamin C tablets are also good for resistance of the body. Intake fresh air as possible as you can. Above all of the peace of mind is very important to achieve the goal.
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