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I have attached my chart image below ref it. image

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Watch out for drama as you meet your soulmate online. If the conversation topic always revolves around them and never seems to delve into your world, you're in for an exhausting relationship. A real connection will be mutual.

To sum it up, you will meet someone online through a dating site. This new person will be your soulmate and I see that it will be a love marriage and not an arranged marriage. I am also seeing that you two will spend the rest of your lives together living in complete happiness with one another.
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Thanks for the reply and yes those words want me to fly above the sky.<3

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What do you want to do? well, mostly the chances are to arrange marriage. Soon you will come to know the reality. For details, you can visit this site. This site will not tell you about your marriage but will give you a lot of insights.

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I just asked this because I am intrested in love marriage but I am still single.So i asked do i have any chances of getting love marriage. That's it. Thank you!!!
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Arranged marriages are very tricky i must say. I have heard of people getting into such marriages arranged by their parents or relatives, this one's i can say may work pretty well. But when we are talking of people meeting online to through someone else, now that's a different thing. Online love or distant relationships require a lot of time and trust. Patience is not negotiable either you have it or not. In matters love i always advice, if you can find a love that's close to you, get to spend time with the person you love closely know them for who they are. At least that way you will get to know who you are dealing with physically and emotionally. Not someone that you cannot even put a face to. One tging i know iIndians are good at match making and probably their readings are pretty accurate. You never know.

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