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Oftentimes, a program have different names depending on what platform it run on.

Windows tried to merge software with apps when they first launched Windows 8 a couple years back, but my general knowledge is that software runs on computers and applications runs on portable devices.
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We know that software is a set of rules or instructions that execute a particular job on a computer. There are two types of software one is application software and other system software.

System software: 

A software that directly executes on a computer. Such as OS (Operating System ), which operates directly on a computer.

Application software:

Software that executes on a computer with the help of system software. Such as MS-office ( Microsoft Office ), which executes on a computer with the help of OS.


Application means application software which is available on both computer and portable device like mobile. In shorthand notation, we write it as "Apps".

In recent days, we use this word many times for mobile. 
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Software is the set of instructions or data that operates the hardware. Application is the package to perform a specific task. software is used as a mediator between user and hardware.
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Software and Application both are different words and also different meanings but related to each other...How?????


A software is a designed or coded product of Software Engineer or Programer.It is also known as group of programs. Basically there is two main types of Software's-

*System software

*Application software

Here's I want to explain how both "Software and Application" is different---

Here's in technical terms word Application is related to different types of individual tasks and purpose like word processing, drawing,book keeping, chatting etc.

And Software's which is used to fulfill our needs that is known as "Application Software"

Now this time using mobile apps are also a type of small program which is used on Android platform.


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