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Movies are not oart of me, am not really a fan, i can go for weeks without watching a movie. i am more of the series kind of person. It's easier to watch a series than movies. sitting down for more than two hours glued on tv is a huge task.
I can watch 14 movies at a week. I mean Hollywood movies. It's good. 

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Well, you can watch almost one hundred movies if you're extremely dedicated. If you were to stream movies for a week non-stop, you would be able to get through eighty four movies. A week has a hundred and sixty four hours in it. If we assume that the average length of a movie is two hours, we can divide a hundred and sixty four hours by two for eighty four movies in a week. However, if you wanted to factor in sleep (roughly 7 hours), then you'll have to subtract forty nine hours form the original hundred and sixty four. This leaves you with enough time to get through almost sixty movies. Again, this is assuming that you are extremely dedicated to the task, and won't get up and take a break from binging.
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I watch 5 movies a week on average, being the majority of the genre action and science fiction. Although sometimes a good horror movie arrests me.
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At a time I watch 7-8 Unique movies and 12 to 15 movies per week avarage. I also watch 10 to 2 hours short film per week and I don't know what the number of that's. Now I'm watching discusion about Religion using earbuds. It's a product of United Tech Guys.

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It depends on the person actually. If you can manage one movie a week then the figure is 7. However, during my college time I used to watch 3,4 movies during weekend along with TV series with the total of 7-8 movies a week. Now, I can hardly manage to watch 1-2 movies a week and that's because of the busy schedule.
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I do watch about 10-15 Movies per week. Sometimes It depends on my work schedule. I love watching horror movies, scientific movies, romantic movies, real life based stories and non fiction series. 
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