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Zwerl is a site where someone post a topic and users are allowed to discuss the topic for ten minutes.You may be lucky to get answers to your question and you may not be so lucky which means you may  still be left gasping in the darkness of your ignorance.

Zwerl allows you to interact with other users and you may send them private messages too.You have the opportunity of interacting with users from around the world especially India and the Philippines where the economy is not so robust.

The only big disadvantage of using zwerl is that they ban at the drop of a hat. Sticking to their rules does not mean you won't get banned.That's why I advice people not to even bother signing up on the site to avoid stories that touch.

I prefer more like quora..You post a question and people respond.You earn 10 points for each question you answer.Although, I hear buckets of complaints now regarding non payment after reaching the 3000 point mark..well,im not sure though.. I guess you choose the one you prefer..
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