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that love can change the way of life of people how thy think and live

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Love is different for every person, and there are many types of love out there. The way you love a pet is different from the way you love a hobby, the way you love your siblings, or the way you love a significant other. That being said, none of these are more or less important than the other, as long as you have some sort of love in your life. Love makes the world an little righter, and what and who you love really shows a lot about you. Loving a pet is bonding with a creature that is not human and feeling affection for an animal that can connect ti you on a more spiritual level. Loving a hobby highlights your passions and values. Platinic love (loving someone like a sibling of parent) is important for forming close relationships and finding your family. Finally, romantic love can be like finding another piece of yourself, beyond a friend of family member.
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Love can come in different forms. The love you have for your parents and siblings is different from the one you have for your friends which is also different from the one you have for your lover.

The love you have for you parents or siblings is not based on feelings. Naturally,we love our family enough to do anything for them. That's why a mother can donate a kidney at the drop of a hat to her child who was involved in an accident that had his kidney irreparably damaged.

The love you have for your spouse or lover can be so intense that you are willing to give up your bad ways or wayward ways to be with them. You are Willing to give up smoking or gambling or drinking just to be with the person you love
The love you have for your kids is just intense.I don't have a kid yet. The reason why that love is so intense is something  I still can't wrap my brain around. You love your kids to bits to the extent that you are ready to put your life on hold just to make way for them to progress.

Love among lovers is the feeling you feel when you feel you have not felt that kind of feeling before.Love makes humans do unimaginable things like bouncing off the wall when a lover we love say goodbye to the relationship.

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