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My flower horn fish is spitting out his food. Not eating food sometimes. What could be the reason? He is active as normal.

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It appears that you aren't the only one with a picky flower horn fish. I had one and it was very picky and use to spit out the food quite often. I decided to do thing a bit different and this seemed to work well.

  1. Before feeding the fish I would soak the pellets in water.
  2. I would only give the fish 2 to 4 pellets at a time.
  3. If he continued to spit them out. I would stop feeding him for 3 days and then feed him again.
  4. I found out that feeding my flower horn every 2 to 3 days was perfect and the fish was fine.
  5. Once the fish is fattened up, you don't need to find him daily.
  6. Also mixing up the food you feed him will help.
  7. Don't try and overfeed the fish because you are just wasting your money and your aquarium filter will get dirty in the end and you'll need to change the bowl more often. 
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Already got a nice well explained answer here from Ann Leflore and I find the 5th point in her answer more relevant here. Don't overfeed any fish. A bloated gut may be a problem here. One who is keeping fishes should understand one thing fishes can live days or weeks without food. So allow them to do fasting atleast once a week. They will be more healthy then. If you feel sad to make your fishies starve for one day, then you too take fasting. Both will be healthy. :D

And the next thing to consider is the water quality. If water quality is not that good then flower horns will keep starving by not taking any food even if their favourite food has given.

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