Are large mammals getting endangered?
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There are a plethora of endangered species in the world but I'm just going to list some of them

The panda is on the verge of cloying.China is home to the remaining wild population of fewer than 2500 individuals.

The tiger is also affected.The use of their body parts for medicine is thought to be the greatest threat to this tigers.Fewer than 4000 species are left in the wild.

The whooping crane is another endangered specie.In 1938,a population survey was carried out and only 29 whooping cranes  remained in the wild.3 years later,16 were remaining.Today, their are over 400/breeds ,thanks to the innovative breeding program
The population of blue whales is less than 25,000 .The current population has been reduced by 90%

The population of the Asian elephants is not really known but the best guess of the IUCN on the current population is between 40,000 and 50,000.The Asian elephant is been poached for its ivory,meat and skin.
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