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I just met this girl.She reluctantly gave me her number.I don't call her everyday though because I don't want to look desperate. She doesn't know my intention yet.I just need some good advice on how to go about this without looking desperate.

I really want to date her.Pleases,advise..
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Know that she gave you her number for a reason. It will be ok to tell her how you feel because that will make her feel you are confident and not afraid to go after what you want or desire. Phone calls are meant to only set dates. So only call her to set dates. Call her and set a date to go have fun that's what dates a meant for. When you both are having fun and enjoying yourselves surprise her or tell her how you feel. That would be a good time to tell her or over lunch or dinner. Whichever you choose. 
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Thanks a bunch for the advice..I backed out because of the red flag I noticed during our conversation on the phone.....she is not worth my time..

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First you need to be congratulated on taking a step to say hi, You have actually gained some points on getting her number. I know that is usually the hardest part for guys when they show interest in a girl. Anyway the fact that she was able to give you her number that is an indication that she may be feeling the same way too, lets just say that the feeling is mutual. Girls like to be approached, they don't want to be seen as the ones making the move. that's why they play hard to get sometimes but if you push a bit you just could end up being the lucky one. here is a tip, if a girl gives you her number she expects you to call her, i don't know if you called on the first day, or you took some days before you did it. since you have been calling her i guess you have your ground and can be able to talk to her freely. why don't you take the first step and ask her out am sure she is looking forward to it, do not waste time otherwise you will loose her trying not to look desperate. A simple date will get things rolling maybe a lunch date or a movie will do, then on the date get to know each other better. do not try to do anything funny just be friends and you can move on from there ALL THE BEST.
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Thanks a bunch for your reply..I read your write up with a fine toothed comb and I learnt a few things from it..I put a call through to her the third day and I have been calling her since then..the last chat we had put me off though.. she already knew my intention and wasted no time in turning me down..she didn't say that verbally ..Her gesture spoke so loud..

I guess I'm gonna have to move to someone else who will  be more open and ready to be in a relationship.. One will keep trying though..
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just tell her what you really feel..just follow your heart and thats can do it..and make sure you will get to know her more

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