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Here is the list of top homework help portals for students who are struggling with academic homework:

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Honestly, no i don't think it's right for anyone to do your homework for you. Homework is supposed to help you as the student to grasp what you have been taught in school,  if someone is to do the homework for you, do you think you would be doing yourself any justice? Who would you be fooling if not yourself. Lets say I do the homework for you, when in class you are alone, am not there with you. If the question pops up and you are asked to explain it, how do you then go about it? Have you stopped to think about that before you ask me to do the homework for you? It's best to do it yourself so that you get to understand it better and can easily apply it to your day to day life, that's very important. That's like cheating in an examination.  Confidence is what makes a good student excel if you need help ask and get guidance on how to go about it. Being done for homework is not the solution.
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I would like to recommend first try yourself so get the knowledge if still not get  then ask me in the site, I will try to solve the assignment. You not mentioning the which subject your assignment is?

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