How will you manage if you are going to lose your hair for a treatment?
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This is a tricky one..I guess my health is . important than one stupid hair.What is my gain if i have a head full of hair while my health is deteriorating.

If we are healthy, that's the only time we can be conscious of our looks..the cloth we wear,the shoes we put on,the type of car we ride.. The list goes on and on..

A person battling with cancer or a much more worse life threatening disease,and is in constant pain will never think about his looks.A patient who has only five days to live will see luxuries as nothing.All those curly hair,beautiful shoes,big house will mean nothing to such person

I guess this question is a no brainer.A right thinking person will choose his health first over some stupid hair

This is just for laughs..a pregnant woman in labour about to give birth on a hospital bed will not even care where her pant is or who is taking the delivery.She won't be hiding her nakedness because at that point,she is in so much pain and the last thing on her mind is to cover her body so that nobody can see her wobbly bits.She just wants to give birth as a reprieve from the labour pain.
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Yes. Here health is a priority than my precious hair I will let it go and receive my treatment. 
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I will not consider to take the risk. I will see some reference to other who have gotten the treatment and read their review. If it's safe I will consider to do the treatment. And also I must make sure there's experts involved and it's a legal company.
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i don see the problem with that. my health comes first. there are still artificial hairs out there at affordable prices. in fact it will give me the opportunity to try out new hair styles and hair designs s well as colors. though it's gonna pain forever knowing my real hair is all gone.
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If  this makes  my health improve in a better stand point then it  would  be a certain yes. This would be a good a avenue to make your health good and recover from your illness.  This is quite  common side  effects  since some illness would result to hair loss due to  some treatment.
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If it is about my health yes, since there are many methods to have hair, it is not very important for me to have hair, you can live without it
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Why not? If it will save me and lose my hair, I would be fine with this idea. It happens to people who are inflicted with terminal cases or diseases.
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Treatments and permanents also can cause hair to fall. Treating hair loss is to find out what's causing it. a dermatologist will determine the cause and what treatment may involve. Consume vitamin D to stimulate new and old hair follicles and new hair growth can be stunted. 
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Hair can grow again but live can't be returned if it's lost. Life is too much precious. What will you do if you'll not have life but you'll have hair. That time your hair will be useless. Therefore, I'll risk them for my life for sure because everything is useless without it.
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